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Top 5 (plus 1) Ways to Save on Buying Cosmetics

Number 6: Store Apps and Sites

We all know about the Sephora and Ulta apps, but have you downloaded the apps or visited the web sites for your other favorite shopping spots? We’re talking Walgreens, Kohl’s, Target (and the Target Cartwheel app), and so forth. Every one of them is a potential treasure trove of sales and in-store coupons. You have a phone, go get them!

Number 5: WalMart’s Savings Catcher

Many of us turn to WalMart for our beauty favorites, whether it’s in the cosmetics aisles, fragrance, lotions, hair care…or even those little exfoliating cotton rounds that everyone loves. Why not get a few dollars back? Just download the WalMart app, go to Savings Catcher, scan your receipt and stand back. It will take about three days for their bots to scan the current prices of every competitor in your area…and we mean every competitor. Sometimes you get a little cash back, and sometimes their price wins…then you can pat yourself on the back for being a clever shopper!

Number 4: Groupon

Every week on WUIM, an overview of Groupon deals on cosmetics is featured. These are some fantastic prices on products that are usually from previous seasons, or sometimes remarketed from previous deals elsewhere, but not so far past as to be out of style. They are definitely worth a look. Nobody has to know it came from Groupon, unless you brag.

Number 3: Retail Me Not

Many times, while I’m out shopping, my phone will make a cash register sound. Ka-ching! That’s how I know a deal is near. Retail Me Not will let you know about coupons and deals from the brands and stores you like the most. Right now, I see deals from Anastasia, NYX, Ulta and more. Are you ready for the Ka-ching?

Number 2 and 2.5: Ibotta and SavingStar

Register your loyalty card, or scan your receipt, and these sites/apps will help you save when you shop in-store or on the web. Sometimes you save at the point of purchase, and sometimes later on…either way, it’s money back in your pocket.

Number 1: Ebates

Ok, if you haven’t heard of Ebates, we don’t know why. Register, shop online through their portal or in-store, get a check. As I write this (08/23/15), Sephora has a double percentage of cash back. You can get cash for referring new members, and they will get cash too. It’s just a wonderland of cash back. Go. Go Now.

Number A: iGive

First, A is now a number. Second, let’s talk about iGive. If you eschew rebates and would rather raise money for your favorite charity, this is a great way to do so. All you do is sign up and shop through their portal, and a percentage goes to the charity. Quick and easy. They have coupons too. It’s a great alternative…go take a look.

That’s it! Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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