Who We Are

WhatsUpInMakeup.com is the web home of the What’s Up In MakeUp community.

We have a twofold core mission:

To keep consumers informed about upcoming, new and existing cosmetic items on the market, and special events related to cosmetics, for the entertainment of our members and enhancement of their lifestyles; and

To provide a comfortable community wherein members can discuss their discoveries and preferences in cosmetics, and find information and reviews from fellow members, in a welcoming, accepting and enjoyable environment.

About Jen Luv

Jen is a teacher, a wife, and a mother of 2. She started YouTube nearly 10 years ago.

On her original vlog channel, called Jenluv37, she did video competitions, cooking videos, and a pregnancy diary for her daughter, Lila. After giving birth to her son, John, YouTube was put on hold for 2 years.

In 2012, Jen wanted come back to YouTube, but also wanted to give her new channel a strong focus. Jen Luv’s Reviews was born with the intention of giving honest reviews that people could trust. She has done just that and more creating a beauty community of makeup lovers who not only learn from Jen, but learn from each other.

In early 2015, What’s Up In MakeUp was born from that desire, and is growing at a rapid pace through YouTube, other social media channels, its own app, and this site.